October 2018 Family of the Month

Each month the Anoka Knights of Columbus choose a family that models Christian family values and visibly live by them every day. The family chosen for October 2018 is the Barry and Sarah McCullough family from Andover.

Barry has been a member of St. Stephen’s since the age of 5 and Sarah and Barry were married at St. Stephen’s in 1998.  They have two sons ,ages 13 and 11, that were both baptized at St. Stephen’s.  Barry is a stay-at-home dad and graphic designer and Sarah works in digital marketing for HealthEast.  The family enjoys eating meals together, the baseball season, playing in the front yard, biking and visiting Duluth.  The McCulloughs strive to uphold Catholic values in their family life by praying together, attending Mass, Confession, Adoration, and volunteering.  When they let each other down, they practice the gift of forgiveness to one another as Christ desires

The McCullough family is very active in St. Stephen’s parish life.  Barry has helped the Marketing Team, donates his design services, is a lector, a member of the Knight of Columbus, and has led in the Children’s Ministry, Bible Study, men’s retreats, Faith Formation, Men’s Group, and the Men’s Ministry Team.  Barry and Sarah have mentored several engaged couples, and Sarah has been a Faith Formation substitute teacher. Collin has been active with youth events, the children’s choir, and M-Squad (the middle school group that plans and leads Vacation Bible School).  Levi and Collin have also helped Dad out many times by setting up events around the Church.



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